EMBLEM Interpretation

The Sultanate of Lakungan Darussalam adopts a logo after 400 years of Sultanate’s Revival which represents the following:


The Coat of Arms of Sultanate of Lakungan represents its Royal Throne which signifies Leadership, Authority & Power.  It was also used by its royal clan leaders as a symbol of their strength and royalty.

The book with crescent moon and a star stands for sultanate’s divine guidance, the crown represents god’s throne and supremacy while The KRIS engrave on the bottom of the crown signifies fearlessness and power in time of battle defending their sacred faith.


The 3 Star symbolizes Unity among the Rulers of the 3 Empires of the Tribe of the Maguindanaon Sultanates namely the Maguindanao, the Rajah Buayan and the Kabuntalan Empire.

The Red Color Represents Bravery of the 3 Sultanate Empire in time of war, fighting for their self-preservation towards their enemy while the Yellow Crescent Moon signifies their Islamic Faith which was established during the time of the Islamic caliphate.


Royal Blue symbolizes integrity, wisdom and prosperity of the Sultanate of Lakungan's society while the Kris, Spear and the Shields represent their ancient weapons used by the Sultanate of Lakungan's ancestors in defending themselves towards the enemy of the land of promise.

The Crocodile with yellow stripes indicates the involvement of royalty from the other dimension of Life known as the “Pagali – the inexplicable crocodile with Yellow Stripes” which was observed on the rivers of Buluan, the pulangi river of Pagalungan, Zapakan(Rajah Buayan) and the Ligawasan Marsh of Kabuntalan binding them by the Motto: “Integrity - according to its values, beliefs and principles, Wisdom - according to the spirit of commandments by understanding to recognize the right course of action & Prosperity - among its people to respond to the complexity and creativity of new knowledge.

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© 2016 Sultanate of Lakungan Sa Buayan Sa Buayan. Courtesy of HRH - DIPATUAN A KANDA - V