Dipatuan A Kanda - V Enthronement: Sultanate of Lakungan

Let It Be Known To All that on this Blessed and Honored day, Marks the Momentous Ceremonial Enthronement Rites of Dipatuan A Kanda Sa Lakungan - V, His Royal Highness Datu Mohammad Ali “Moh-Ali“ Duruin Nasa Al-Hadj,

The Eldest and the Only Son of the late Dipatuan A Kanda - IV His Royal Highness Datu Sheikh Sabas “Ibrahim” Tatak Nasa (May Allah S.W.T. Be Pleased with Him).

The Enthronement is Decreed in Accordance with the Global Law of Royalty or Law of Succession, that is founded in Primogeniture and The Royal Sultanate of Buayan Darussalam Decrees, Laws, Customs and Traditions, Witness by the Grand Royal Sultanate of Rajah Buayan Executive Council.

Honored Guests of this momentous events were the Grand Sultanate of Rajah Buayan, The Sultan of Maguindanao and Kabuntalan.

The Bai's and Datu's of the 3 Empires (Maguindanao, Rajah Buayan, Kabuntalan) as well as the Royal Ladies of Mainland Mindanao were also present on this event.

The Sultanate of Lakungan has been restored last April 09, 2015 after 400 years of Sultanate Revival.

The Royal Ceremonial Rites of Dipatuan A Kanda - V were held in South Seas Mall-Function Hall, on the 30th day of November, 2016 at Cotabato City, Philippines.

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© 2016 Sultanate of Lakungan Sa Buayan Sa Buayan. Courtesy of HRH - DIPATUAN A KANDA - V