Re-tiling of Masjid - Sapakan, Rajah Buayan

The Construction of Masjid in Sapakan, Municipality of Mamasapano was a combine initiative of HRH - Sultan Samer Inggo Tatak, the Sultan of Lakungan together with other Groups of people both local and abroad with a good heart for the benefit of the community.

Re-tiling of Masjid were discussed last December 22, 2016 during the Royal Cabinet Meeting of Sultan sa Lakungan Presided by HRH Rajamuda Jhun Amino, The Acting Sultan of Lakungan.

Their conclusion was to renovate the said tiling of Masjid and the construction of the Sultanate of Lakungan Hallmark in the said area. Everyone gave their contribution to HRH - Hji Esmail Kamal Tatak - The Wazer of Lakungan.

HRH - Rajamuda Jhun Amino will be the one responsible for the supervision of the said Hallmark. The said Hallmark will serve as the official meeting place of Sultanate of Lakungan and will soon to rise this month of January 2017 as expected.

Thank you for HRH - Hji Esmail Kamal Tatak (Wazer of Lakungan) for the renovation of the said Masjid. The result was excellent Alhamdullilah.

What a Job Well Done and May Allah (S.W.T.) Bless you and your Family Always.

Zajakallah Khairan.!

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